How do I safely approach a horse when riding? Club guidelines updated

The chances of meeting a horse out on the road or trails is fairly high, so we have written the below guidance and updated our Club Ride webpage to provide some simple steps to ensure that both yourself and horse riders can stay safe and both have an enjoyable ride.
Communicate – make the horse rider aware of your presence and wait until the rider acknowledges you and follow any instructions for passing.
Slow down – and be prepared to stop. Allow time for the horse and rider to become aware of your presence.
Avoid unexpected noises – mechanical noises can spook horses.
Pass wide – allow room in case the horse is surprised or startled. 
Be visible – use suitable lights and clothing so that the horse and rider has a warning that a cyclist is approaching.
Be observant – look out for signs that horses may be around such as nearby stables/bridleways.
Groups – if riding in a group, follow the steps above and communicate through the group that you are slowing down. It may be necessary to split into smaller groups to pass.

For further information take a look at the code of conduct for horse riders and cyclists from the British Horse Society.

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  1. Additionally, as a horse rider as well as a cyclist, I always ask cyclists to sing or speak, just la la la will do, as the horses recognise a human voice, rather than them just worrying about a clanking object (the bike!) creeping up on them from behind.
    Thank you, it makes all the difference 🙂

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