Time Trial Records

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(Fastest times held by first claim Ystwyth CC rider on any course)

10 Miles

20:53Daniel ThorogoodL10152008V40
21:00Daniel ThorogoodR10/172012V50
21:01Dewi HughesR10/172012S
23:33Dafydd DylanD5/102004J
24:11Anita SaycellR10/172019FV40
24:49Tim JohnsonD5/102014V60
25:44Anita SaycellD5/102018FS
25:53Elinor ThorogoodP881R2008FJ
29:40Elaine RowlandsD5/102019FV50
20:04Dafydd Dylan (Team KFS)P6132008S
20:03Gruff Lewis (UK Youth)R10/172011S

25 Miles

51:54Daniel ThorogoodR25/32008V40
52:10Daniel ThorogoodR25/32014V50
53:18?Dewi HughesR25/3?2012S
54:52Paul JonesR25/32009S
58:52Dafydd DylanD1/252004J
1:01:28Anita SaycellR25/3H2019FV40
1:03:15Anita SaycellR25/3H2014FS

30 Miles

1:08:36Daniel ThorogoodR30/52012V50

50 Miles

1:56:11Jon ShubertR50/42011S
1:51:38Daniel ThorogoodR50/1BV50
2:00:01Martyn Teece-RoundR50/1B2015V40
2:25:10Sally HarmerR50/3C2010FV40

100 Miles

3:46:04Jon ShubertR100/8 2011S
3:53:34Daniel ThorogoodR100/82011V40
3:56:53Daniel ThorogoodR100/82014V50

12 Hours

264.49Daniel ThorogoodR12/162016V50
248.01Martyn Teece-RoundR12/952014S
245.30Daniel ThorogoodR12/952011V40

24 Hours

422.64Paul RobinsonD24hr2005S

Club Course Records

Fastest rider on club course Ystwyth CC first claim. Others noted for interest

10 Miles – Llety Gwyn D5/10

21:57Arwel Davies1997S
22:10Ieuan Andrew Davies2018V50
22:15Daniel Thorogood2009V40
24:49Tim Johnson2014V60
25:44Anita Saycell2018FS
26:04Anita Saycell2019FV40
29:40Elaine Rowlands2019FV50

Second claim and notable guest riders

20:35Gruff Lewis (Ribble Pro Cycling)2018S
20:44Josh Tarling (Backstedt Cycling)2020J
21.33Finlay Tarling (Worx Factory Racing Team)2020J
22:00John Findley (High On Bikes RT)2015S

10 Miles – Cwm Rheidol D5/10a

22:22Gareth Hodgson2019S
22:29Ieuan Andy Davies2018V50
22:34Ieuan Andy Davies2018V40
25:48Anita Saycell2018FS
26:00Anita Saycell2019FV40
29:54Elaine Rowlands2019FV50
31:57Dave Fazakerley2019V70
20:51Gruff Lewis (Ribble Pro Cycling)2020S
20:57Josh Tarling (Backstedt Cycling)2020J

12 Miles – Nant-yr-Arian D2/12

32:00Tom Swingler2015S
32:26Daniel Thorogood2008V40
32:25Daniel Thorogood2012V50
38:10Helen Marshall2014FS
41:10Amanda Binks2019FV40
48:57Elaine Rowlands2019FV50
29:45Gruff Lewis (Madison Genesis)2016S
31:03Stevie Williams (NFTO)2014J
31:30John Findley (High On Bikes RT)2015S

22 Miles – Devil’s Bridge Hilly D4/24

00:53:25Gruff Lewis2010S
00:54:30Ieuan Andrew Davies2011V40
00:55:17Daniel Thorogood2017V50
01:03:05Helen Marshall2018FS
01:12:23Gail Birkett2009FV40
00:49:50Gruff Lewis (Pedal Heaven RT)2015S

25 Miles – Machynlleth D1/25

00:57:39Dafydd Dylan2006S
00:58:03Daniel Thorogood2008V40
01:10:18Lizzie Goodband2005FS

1 Mile Clarach Hill Climb D01/19

04:08Daniel Thorogood2009V40
04:10Chris McLean2018S
04:55Ieuan Andy Davies2019V50
05:29Leah Brewer2018FS
07:27Elaine Rowlands2019FV50
07:39Sally Harmer2009FV40
03:36Stevie Williams (SEG Racing)2017S
04:36Rebecca Richardson (Hafren CC)2018FS