The Chaingang is a great way to enjoy a mid-week fast paced ride. The Chaingang involves riding in a group and taking short turns on the front before moving over to allow the next rider to come through. The aim is to keep the pace consistent and smooth.

As well as the general group riding guidance on our Club Ride page there are a few extra points to follow when riding the Chaingang to keep everybody safe and happy:

  • Don’t surge in pace when it is your turn on the front
  • Ride in a smooth and predictable manner (no sudden braking!)
  • Concentrate at all times and try to look forward as well as the wheel in front.
  • Front riders – to indicate in plenty of time any change in speed or hazards using the agreed verbal or hand signals E.g. Parked cars, holes in road.
  • Middle riders – to relay verbal or hand signals through the group.
  • Rear riders – should warn of any overtaking vehicles, or instruct the group to form single file to help following traffic when necessary.
  • Don’t overlap wheels with the rider in front
  • Don’t use Tri Bars in Chaingang
  • Ensure you look back and check it’s clear, before indicating that you are moving off the front
  • Let the rider moving to the back of the group know if you are the ‘last rider
  • Communicate with each other in your group

Check out the British Cycling video on riding through and off in a Chaingang

Which routes are used for Chaingang?

Revised Borth Circuit (15.5km with 159m Elevation) 

Borth Circuit   (21.8km with 232m Elevation)

New Row Circuit  (23.4km 300m Elevation)

Where? Meet at Plascrug Leisure Centre if you are riding out to the start of the Chaingang Circuit.

What time? Meet 6pm at Plascrug Leisure Centre ready to ride out to the start of the Chaingang Circuit.

Can I meet at the start of the Chaingang Circuit rather than Plascrug Leisure Centre? Yes.

Every Thursday: Borth Circuit (April – May) Meet 6:20pm at Rhydypennau Garage in Bow Street.  The route then switches to New Row Circuit (June – August) Meet by the Doctors Surgery in Llanilar (New Row Circuit).

For any change to this schedule the information will be posted on Facebook

Do I have to be a Club Member? 
No, we welcome all potential new members, so please feel free to come along as it’s a good way to find out more about the Ystwyth Cycle Club. If you like it, sign up and join the club!

Do I have to be over 18 to take part in the Club Chaingang? 
If you are aged 14-17 and would like to join a Club Chaingang, you will need to complete our Parental Consent Form beforehand and bring along with you to the ride. During the ride a nominated rider will ensure you are not on your own for the club ride.

What is the Ride Co-ordinator’s Role: 

  • Welcome new riders
  • Allocate each rider into similar ability groups (no more than 5 riders per group)
  • Provide a short briefing on ride protocols, hand signals, hazards, roadworks etc.
  • Ensure all under 18’s have a designated rider with them throughout the ride
  • Ensure all riders have returned safely returned to the finish of the Chaingang Circuit (unless informed otherwise)
    • Borth Circuit – finish of circuit is Rhydypennau School layby, Bow Street
    • New Row Circuit –  finish of circuit is Trawscoed Bridge

Full outline of Ride Co-ordinator’s Role can be found here: co-ordinator_checklist_chaingang.pdf

You should accept responsibility for your own conduct and safety (including the safety of your bike and other equipment) during Club activities. You take part in Club rides entirely at your own risk. We highly recommend that you take out appropriate third party insurance for your own sake. Membership of British Cycling can offer you this form of cover.

Chaingang Co-ordinators: tbc