Club Rides

Club Rides are a great way to progress your cycling. You’ll learn how to ride safely and efficiently in a group and it’s far easier to head out for a training ride knowing you’ll be with others rather than on your own.

RidePaceDay of WeekTime of Year
Mountain Bike Social RideYour own paceMost Thursdays **January – December
Beginner Ride / Introduction to the Club11-13mphOnce a monthApril – August
Social Ride13-15mphEvery SundayJanuary – December
Club Run16-18mphEvery SundayJanuary – December
Training Group17mph+Most Sundays*January – December*
ChaingangRiders assigned to groups of similar ability.Every ThursdayApril – August
Time TrialsYour own pace.Every WednesdayApril – August

* Details will be posted a few days beforehand on the club Facebook site.
These are long, hard and fast with riders needing to be self-sufficient!

** Details of planned MTB social rides will be posted on the: MTB Facebook Page.

Club Ride FAQs

Do I have to be a Club Member?
We organise monthly Beginner/Introductory Rides for anyone thinking of joining the club, please feel free to come along as it’s a good way to find out more about the Ystwyth Cycle Club. If you like it, sign up and join the club!

How do I let the Ride Co-ordinator know about a medical condition?
Complete the Rider Information Form and hand it to the Ride Co-ordinator.

Do I have to be over 18 to take part in a Club Ride?
If you are aged 14-17 and would like to join a Club Ride, you will need to complete our Parental Consent Form beforehand and bring along with you to the ride. During the ride a nominated rider will ensure you are not on your own for the club ride.

What Equipment do I need to carry?

  • Clothing appropriate for the day’s weather, take a rain jacket if rain is forecast. Layers are good that you can add/take off.
  • Spares including an inner tube, tyre levers and pump in case of a puncture.
  • A mobile phone and the ride co-ordinator’s number
  • Food and drink needed for the ride.
  • Enough money if required for a café stop, refreshments or emergencies.

Do I have to have a racing bike and all the kit?

  • A well maintained and roadworthy road bike is highly recommended.
  • It’s recommended that riders wear cycle helmets on our club rides.

Do I need mudguards?
They will keep you dry (and the rider behind!) and modern versions like SKS Race Blades can be fitted to most bikes. But there’s no requirement to ride with them.

What do I need to consider when riding on a club ride?

  • Observe all aspects of the Highway Code
  • Be courteous and do not shout abuse at other road users or cyclists.
  • Ride in a manner that is predictable and safe.
  • Stronger riders should wait at the agreed re-group point (usually at top of climbs and junctions) to avoid anyone taking a wrong turn or becoming left on their own.
  • Communicate with your fellow riders of any road defects and hazards.
  • Ride at a maximum of two abreast, but be prepared to single out where necessary, warn other riders of approaching traffic.
  • Above all – enjoy yourself!
  • For more information on Group Riding visit:

How do I safely approach a horse when riding?

  • Communicate – make the horse rider aware of your presence and wait until the rider acknowledges you and follow any instructions for passing.
  • Slow down – and be prepared to stop.  Allow time for the horse and rider to become aware of your presence.
  • Avoid unexpected noises – mechanical noises can spook horses.
  • Pass wide – allow room in case the horse is surprised or startled. 
  • Be visible – use suitable lights and clothing so that the horse and rider has warning that a cyclist is approaching.
  • Be observant – look out for signs that horses may be around such as nearby stables/bridleways.
  • Groups – if riding in a group, follow the steps above and communicate through the group that you are slowing down.  It may be necessary to split into smaller groups to pass.

For further information take a look at the code of conduct for horse riders and cyclists from the British Horse Society.

Risk Assessments are available for the Beginner Ride, Social RideClubRun/Training Group, Chaingang (Borth), Chaingang (New Row).

A handy checklist for the Sunday Ride Co-ordinator’s can be found here and full outline of Ride Co-ordinator’s Chaingang Role can be found here.