Ystwyth CC Time Trial – Round 2

With the smell of freshly baked cake and coffee brewing, 35 riders signed on to compete in round 2 of the Ystwyth CC time trial series.  This week, the event was classed as a ‘taster’ event and on the back of the successful Tour of the Mining Valley Road Race it was expected that the number of riders was due to be more, but no one could have expected a start list of 35.

The event saw a number of regular faces, missing from last week on the sign-on sheet; the biggest surprise was seeing Jeff Saycell out on the road and not a watt bike before the month of June!  Again, it was great to see riders from West Wales Cycling make the trip up the Rheidol Valley.

In the two-up category, again Leif Skot and grand-daughter Laila took the win in a time of 30min 28sec.

In the road bike category (no tri/aero bars) the fastest rider on the night was Jeff Saycell in a time of 24min 51sec.  In second place, Ciaran Rowett in a time of 24min 58sec. and in third, Richard Eakins  in a time of 25min 56sec.

With a strong south-easterly wind, the riders would see the benefit on the outward leg before facing a tough return to the finish line. Taking the win in a time of 23min 46sec was Ieuan Andy Davies.  In second place, Josh Tarling in a time of 24min 03sec  and in third joint place, Steffan Roberts and Danny Thorogood in a time of 24min and 25sec.

In the ladies event, Anita Saycell took podium place in an impressive time of 26min and 29sec; surely the course record will go this year on a better condition evening.  In second place, Lowri Richards in a time of 29min and 28sec and in third place Shannon Haird in a time of 30min 39sec.

The great aspect of time trial events is the sub-plot battles taking place within the event. This evening, 9 riders all came in within the 25 minute to 27 minute region.

Again, the event organiser, Andy Hunt, supported by Andy and Elaine Davies and Derek Rattray, ensured that all riders enjoyed the experience.  It was great to see support at all key stages of the course with a flurry of camera flashes on each corner.

To finish off a great event, riders enjoyed tea, coffee and a selection of cakes to top up the calorie deficit.

Next week, we return to the Llety Gwyn course, sign-on from 6.15pm with the first rider off at 7.00pm.

Cwm Rheidol 10 11/4/18

1. Ieuan Andy Davies 23.46
2. Josh Tarling 24.03
3. Steffan Roberts 24.25
3. Danny Thorogood 24.25
5. Michael Tarling 24.26
6. Jeff Saycell (R) 24.51
7. Ciaran Rowett (R) 24.58
7. Daniel Davies 24.58
9. Daniel Rushton 25.42
10. Richard Eakins (R) 25.56
11. Caron Pugh (R) 26.25
12. Anita Saycell 26.29
13. Scott Tomsett 26.56
14. Andrew Knowles (R) 27.09
15. Dafydd Wright 27.14
16. Martyn Saycell 27.21
17. Jack Ramsbottom (R) 27.33
18. Sam Smith 28.13
19. Rhodri Duffee 28.29
20. Liam Straiton (R) 29.15
21. Dan Ramsbottom (R) 29.26
22. Lowri Richards (R) 29.28
23. Andy Purkiss (R) 29.39
24. Alan Haird (R) 29.40
25. Layla and Leif Skot 2up (R) 30.28
26. Shannon Haird 30.39
27. Heulwen Lloyd (R) 31.04
28. Nia Peris (R) 31.09
29. David Wright (R) 31.40
30. Karen Davis 32.29
31. Andy Hamilton 32.38
32. Lynfa Davies 33.39
Clint Middleton DNF
Paul Jones DNF
Glyn Williams DNF
A rarely seen Jeff Saycell