Ystwyth ladies race again at Stourport

For the fifth time this season, Ystwyth ladies Lois Brewer, Leah Brewer and Anita Saycell made the 200-mile round trip to Stourport-on-Severn to compete in the University of Birmingham one day stage race. Stage 1 in the morning was a 10-mile TT on a very lumpy course – Anita was the fastest YCC rider with an impressive mid 27s, Lois was just over a minute slower with Leah in the mid 29s. Stage 2 in the afternoon was a 55-minute circuit race with a field of nearly 40 women. Racing was fast and furious from the off and the field splintered into 4 groups. Leah managed to get into the 2nd group, with Lois in the 3rd and Anita in the 4th. As the race progressed, the 3rd and 4th groups joined, this larger group then worked hard for 20 minutes and finally caught Leah’s group. In the last 10 minutes, the lead group on the road lapped the now combined chasing group forming one large peloton. The last few laps were fast but the group stayed together for an impressive final sprint. Leah was the first of the YCC ladies across the line with Lois and Anita not far behind. Final times and placings are yet to be released.

Many thanks to Paul Brewer for the above report and photos.