Wales Air Ambulance Charity Ride

The YCC Air Ambulance Charity ride is this coming saturday the 8th, the plan is to all meet outside Cambrian Tyres from half 8 aiming to start leaving around 9.
We will head to Welshpool via Borth and Machynlleth then back via Llanidloes.
Donations are coming in nicely and their will be a charity evening later on in the year to raise more. It sounds like we will have a wide range of riders coming on saturday with some turning back in Machynlleth. The more the merrier and all abilities are welcome.
To ease road congestion and keep the pace suitable for all we will split the group up depending on how many turn up will depend on how many groups but each group will have a unofficial “leader” and should ride at the pace of the slowest member. Slower groups will go of first with gaps left between each group.
We have Keith following in his van for mechanical issues and their will be some emergency food and water plus a few extra layers thrown in incase needed.
Hope to see you all their saturday morning! and hopefully the sun will be out. Don’t forget to donate anything you can, its a great cause.